Live-in care

Why opt for Live-in Care?

Live-in Care is one of the most popular choices for people who require support around the clock, and rightly so.  Whether it is you making the decision or your family member or friend, the decision to move from home to be cared for elsewhere is daunting.  Especially if you will be moving from your home that you have lived in for so many years and created so many memories.

Regardless of what your personal requirements are, whether it is someone helping you wash and dress,  cook your favourite meals, or even take you to your weekly social group or hobby, with live-in care, you will always have support for all your needs in the comfort of your own home.  You can continue to live independently, still enjoy your home, visit and be visited by the same friends and family, and best of all have a companion to support you all the way.

Person centred care

The care you receive is tailored to your specific requirements and allowing you do the things you want to do, when you want to do them and as independently as possible.

Stay with your loved one

If you are living with your spouse or partner, with live-in care this can continue and a couple can share the cost of the live-in care, making it financially beneficial too.

Keep your pet(s)

If you have pets in the home and couldn’t leave them behind then live-in care also ensures that they remain with you.

Cost Effective

Taking on a live-in carer can be much more cost–effective than moving into a residential home.

Freshly cooked meals

The carers are able to cook meals of your choice.  The live-in carer will design and prepare a well balanced meal plan giving you the choice of meals you would like to eat.

Home management

Maintaining your home is important, the live-in carer will support you with your housekeeping, cleaning, laundry and shopping.


With a live-in carer, you will have a familiar face on a daily basis, with whom you can strike a strong and trusting bond.  It will be like having a friend with you at all times to look after your needs and keep you safe and secure in your own home.

Things you need to consider

Space for the Carer
A bedroom with storage space will be required.
Wifi Access
Connection to broadband
Breaks for Carers

Your live-in carer will require a 2 hour breaks each day


Arrangements can be made between the live-in carer and yourself/family

Other costs
Utilities, meal, etc.

Free Care Assessment

Naturally you and your family will have plenty of questions, we offer an informal and free of charge meeting, where we will assess what is important to you and your family and provide a person-centred service to your needs.

Call our friendly team on 0161 660 4471 to discuss our live-in service further or to book in your free assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my live-in carer be trained to meet my specific needs by Acacia Homecare?

We take the responsibility for your carer’s ongoing supervisions and management, as well as investing in training and professional development.  We thoroughly vet each person and match your requirements to what the carer can offer.

How many breaks will my live-in carer require?

There will be times when your carer will also need to take time off so they can spend their time with their own family and friends so we will also ensure that your care continues in that time.

When the live-in carer needs to take a break, we will introduce you to another fully trained carer, who will arrive at your home for a comprehensive, overnight handover. It is our duty to ensure the transition from one carer to another goes as smoothly as possible causing little or no disruption to you and your family.  Acacia Homecare typically operates a 2 monthly handover cycle, meaning that you will see the same face for 2 months, before the change for a further 2 months.

The live-in carer would require a 2 hour break every day and there are 3 alternative ways of achieving this:

  • The customer can be left alone and comfortable at home for 2 hours
  • Send an alternative carer to cover the 2 hour breaks at additional cost
  • Family/ friends to cover the 2 hour breaks everyday
How will my shopping be managed with the live-in carer?

Shopping can be done in many several different ways:

  • Live-in carer can do small daily shopping and a family member can do the weekly shop
  • Shopping can be ordered and delivered to the home.
  • Live-in carer can manage the weekly budget and do the entire shopping (within reason)
What are other costs should I consider?

The total cost of the live-in care is made up of a direct and indirect cost.  Direct cost is the weekly fee for the service, whereas the indirect cost is related to having your carer living in your house, thus the additional cost for food & utilities. The live-in carer will be sharing meal times with you, using the bathroom, using the internet connect, etc and so becoming a member of your weekly shopping budget.